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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

The FSS program is designed to provide LMHA public housing and Section 8 residents with the programs, support and services needed to improve financial skills, achieve long-term employment and possibly buy a home.

Eligible participants must be the head or co-head of household in a LMHA public housing or Section 8 family and have the willingness and ability to meet program requirements.

Each participant in the FSS program works closely with a case manager to develop and carry out a plan to meet program requirements and reach the participant's financial goals. The centerpiece of the FSS program is a special escrow account that is set up for each participant. As the family's earned income and rent goes up, the size of the escrow account increases.

Once the participant successfully completes the program, the money in the account is theirs to use. Some participants use this money to move into unsubsidized housing; others may use it as a down payment on a home.  Each graduate decides how this money can best serve the future of their family.

For more information contact the Special Programs Information Line at (502) 569-3439 or (502) 569-3462.




At only 27 years old, Alisha Washington purchased her first home shortly before graduating from Louisville Metro Housing Authority’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program. Washington credits her case manager for helping her enroll in the program under the goal of homeownership. “Knowing that you’ve invested in such a good asset for your family is very rewarding,” Washington adds. Washington’s turnkey, 4-bedroom, two-bathroom home is in Louisville's Valley Station neighborhood. Washington encourages other LMHA participants to take advantage of the resources provided by the agency, “in the end, it is all there to help you.”


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