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General Information

Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Section 8 Rental Assistance or Housing Choice Voucher program, is a federally funded program designed to help eligible low-income families secure decent, safe and sanitary housing. The Louisville Metro Housing Authority administers the program by providing vouchers that enable eligible families to seek out suitable housing in the private sector. In order to be eligible for participation in the Section 8 program the head of household must be 18 years of age or legally emancipated; and, at least one member of the family must have legal residency status in the United States. The family also has to meet the low income requirements and HUD background requirements. All rental units must meet housing quality standards (pass inspection), and the rent requested by the landlord must be within program affordability limits, and reasonable for the area where the unit is located. The security deposit and deposits for utilities, if applicable, are the participant's full responsibility. All participants have the choice of living anywhere in the USA where a voucher program exists. However, there are restrictions for new families. If you do not currently reside in Louisville or have not had a Louisville Metro address for the past 12 months, you will have to lease up in the Louisville Metro area for at least one year. For additional information on the Housing Choice Voucher Program, please click on the following links to go to the Housing Choice Voucher Briefing Packet and Fact Sheet:

Briefing Packet

To find other assisted housing in the Louisville area, please click on the following link:

Contact Phone Numbers

  • For information regarding your position on the waiting list: 
     (502) 584-1704 (24 hours/7 days a week)

  • For applicant questions:  (502) 569-6076 (Monday - Thursday, 1:00 - 4:00PM)

  • Change in income or family composition:  (502) 569-6248 (Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 4:00PM)

  • Current LMHA public housing residents should contact their Property Manager for additional information regarding Section 8 availability

  • For Section 8 participant questions/problems, please contact our Customer Service/Ombudsman, Terri Thornton at (502) 569-6942

  • For owner/landlord questions/problems, please contact our Landlord Liaison, Rebekah Aman-James at (502) 569-6948.

  • For Portability to LMHA, please contact our Section 8 Coordinator, Bonita Bowen at
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