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Change in Inspections Scheduling Procedure

February 20, 2009

To: Owners/Agents and Section 8 Program Participants

From: Department of Inspections, Permits and Licenses & Louisville Metro Housing Authority

Re: Change in Inspections Scheduling Procedure

This is to provide notice of another of our continued efforts to improve service to our customers. The Department of Inspections, Permits and Licenses (IPL) and the Louisville Metro Housing Authority have initiated change to the procedure used to schedule Section 8 inspections. The change is intended to simplify the procedure and reduce the amount of time currently required to complete the inspection cycle. A significant benefit from the change is that annual inspections will be scheduled at a specific time of day so owners/agents and participants will no longer be required to be available the entire day for this type of inspection.

Old Procedure: Under the previous procedure a small number of schedulers were used to schedule inspections and coordinate the process for all Section 8 inspections. All notifications regarding scheduled inspections were sent to owners/participants by mail. Often, inspections could not be done because no one showed up for the appointment; and, generally, those who missed appointments would advise that they did not receive the notification letter.

New Procedure: Beginning in March 2009, Section 8 inspections will be scheduled by the 40+ individual inspectors assigned to the geographic areas where the units are located. The scheduling process for all Section 8 inspections (Initial, Annual and Complaint) will begin with the inspector placing a telephone call to the owner to arrange for a date and time for inspection of the unit. If the first attempt at contact is not successful, the inspector will try to reach the owner a second time. The owner will be asked to contact the Section 8 program participant to advise that an inspection has been scheduled, and to make sure that some one (owner/agent or participant) will be present for the inspection. If an owner cannot be contacted by telephone on the second attempt the inspection request form (Request for Tenancy Approval) will be returned to IPL's administrative staff and notification of the date and time for the inspection will be made by mail to both the owner and the participant. The Request for Tenancy Approval form is one of the forms completed for new leases and lease renewals, and is the document that initiates the inspection process. It is very important that the forms be legible and contain correct addresses and telephone numbers. Your cooperation in implementing this change will be appreciated.

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