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Clarksdale HOPE VI Revitalization

General Information

Clarksdale Clarksdale was a 65-year old public housing development comprised of 713 dwelling units and 15 non-dwelling units located just east of downtown (six city blocks totaling approximately 29 acres). 
Project Partners Clarksdale residents, Louisville Metro Housing Authority (LMHA), U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Louisville Metro government, housing developer partners, private lenders and investors. 
Total Cost & Funding More than $200 million in tax credits, federal and private funds 
Clarksdale I HOPE VI: $20 million grant 
Clarksdale II HOPE VI: $20 million grant 
Clarksdale I 
(in process)
Includes the 4-block area west of Clay Street. Over 500 new units will be constructed on-site in Phase I, to include a mixture of apartments townhouses and over 160 for sale homes. The Community Builders Inc. is LMHA's on-site developer partner.

Clarksdale II 


Located in the two block area east of Clay Street

Resident Relocation Resident relocation has been completed. Residents received case management services, relocation counseling, and a comprehensive array of community and supportive services to facilitate smooth transition to their new housing choices. Priority was given to the elderly, families with children and persons with disabilities.
Relocation Choices

New on-site units, other LMHA newly created and existing scattered sites, Section 8 vouchers, home ownership, and other LMHA developments. 


Ultimate goal To develop a mixed-income community with heightened livability for residents, reintegrate the site into the fabric of adjoining neighborhoods, and reduce the negative effects of concentrations of low-income residents in one area. 
Urban Design Associates crafted the master plan, building on the historic character of Louisville, using a mix of attractive housing types that will not distinguish or indicate the income of the residents. The new community will include street improvements, parks and commercial development to serve residents. 
Off-Site 176 public housing rental units have been developed off-site as part of the Clarksdale I revitalization. Clarksdale II includes 218 rental housing units off-site. The Housing Partnership, Inc. and New Directions Housing Corp. were LMHA's off-site developer partners for 69 of the units. 
Timeline The on-site rental component was completed in June 2009.
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