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On June 28th, 2016 the Vision Russell team was awarded a new $1 million Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) Planning grant for Action Activities in Russell. Louisville Metro Government is contributing $375,000 – bringing the total to be invested in Action Activities to $1,375,000.

Grant funds will be used for “Action Activities” that have been listed as top priorities within Russell’s CNI Transformation Plan and meet HUD’s guidelines.  These activities will help us begin making visible changes in the neighborhood over the coming year. 

A neighborhood-wide polling process will be held from Monday, September 26th through Saturday, October 1st. Results from this poll will help gauge Russell resident’s interest in specific types of physical improvements to be funded. Proposed activities will go into a draft Action Plan that must be submitted to HUD for final approval. 

HUD has outlined specific examples of possible projects, which include:

  • Cleaning up and turning vacant lots and properties into community gardens or small parks;
  • Neighborhood beautification projects such as murals, sculptures, signage or other ideas that highlight Russell’s many assets and rich history;
  • Fresh food initiatives, such as farmers’ markets and mobile food trucks;
  • Improvements to the fronts of businesses and to homeowners’ properties; and
  • Wi-Fi hotspots in the neighborhood

Are you a Russell resident who would like to participate in the poll?

See below for details on the polling locations or find the link to complete the online poll at! (Online polling will be open from Monday 9/26 to Saturday 10/1)

Monday, September 26 
Russell Apartments 1pm - 3pm
Baxter Community Center 6pm – 8pm

Tuesday, September 27
Baxter Community Center 1pm – 3pm
Western Library 4pm – 6pm

Wednesday, September 28
Chestnut Street YMCA 4:30pm - 6pm  

Thursday, September 29
Oak and Acorn Intergenerational Center 5pm – 7pm

Saturday, October 1
Pic Pac (24th and Market) 11am – 1pm

Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Action Activities Poll Results - CLICK HERE

Russell Neighborhood Poll Media Advisory, 9/26/2016 - CLICK HERE

Russell Neighborhood Action Grant Polling Flyer - CLICK HERE

HUD Action Activities Guidance and Planning Tool, 7/13/16 - CLICK HERE

Choice Neighborhoods Action Grant Community Workshop Presentation, 8/17/16 - CLICK HERE

Russell Choice Neighborhoods Action Activities Full Grant Application, Submitted 2/9/16 - CLICK HERE

Resident and Community Meeting Presentation to Announce Action Grant Opportunity, 1/7/16 - CLICK HERE

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