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Board of Commissioners

The Louisville Metro Housing Authority (LMHA) Board of Commissioners is the nine-member policy making body of the agency. LMHA Commissioners are appointed by the Metro Mayor, with the approval of the Louisville Metro Council. The Mayor sits on the board, by proxy, and has a vote in matters coming before the board. Officers are elected by the Board of Commissioners each year at the July meeting.

State law requires that board members are at least 25 years of age, and live within the city limits. Diverse in its composition, LMHA Board members include public housing residents, and there is sensitivity to race, gender, residency and professional background relative to appointments.

The LMHA Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month. LMHA Executive Director, Lisa Osanka, serves as Secretary of the Board of Commissioners, but has no vote on policy matters. Board meetings are publicized and are open to the public.

The Board of Commissioners meeting schedule can be opened or downloaded by clicking here.

board mem mayor
Metro Mayor 
Greg Fischer
board mem
Manfred Reid Sr.


Mary Elizabeth Miles

board cole
Bryan Cole

Lance Gilbert

Gena Harris Board Member
Gena Harris


board Hearn
Cary Hearn


Lisa Nicholson


    Rev Ellis 2 
      Rev. Geoffrey Ellis
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